Vintage Bulbs

Why Use LED Lighting In Your Home?

Why Use LED Lighting In Your Home Extension? Well, as well all know in the past few years LED lighting has had it’s rising moment, it’s becoming more and more popular,...

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Installing CCTV Camera

Why Install Home Security?

Home security is an important aspect to consider; it has saved millions of people from having their homes successfully burgled and has helped solve a vast variety of different crim...

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LED Lights

The Benefits Of LED Lighting

Blown light bulbs might be a common occurrence in your house if you’re using ordinary household light bulbs. But if you use LED lighting then you might not have changed your...

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Striping Wire

Electrical Safety Tips You Need To Know

Electricity is dangerous and should not be touched or tampered with by anyone that is not a professional. It’s essential that you are familiar with the rules of electrical sa...

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10 Ways To Reduce Electricity Bills

Ultimately, we all love to save money, and without even realising it sometimes you are sending your energy bill sky high by leaving appliances on standby plugged in. In fact, it wa...

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Rewiring Plug

Signs You Need A House Rewire

Home wiring depends on the era of your home and in certain cases – the electrician that has fitted it for you. The signs that a house rewire should be carried out are easy to...

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Bad Electrician

Signs Of A Cowboy Electrician

If you’re paying money for a service, then you want it to be high quality and reliable – which isn’t the case when you hire a cowboy electrician. What Is A Cowboy...

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