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Reasons why you may need domestic electrical testing

As a homeowner living in an owner-occupied property, regular electrical testing is not a legal requirement. However, it is recommended by both electricians and industry bodies in certain circumstances. With this in mind, we would advise booking in-depth testing with our team, in the following situations.

  • When Selling Your Home

    When selling your home

    Although this is not mandatory, potential buyers or your solicitor may ask for an electrical safety certificate to verify the safety of the property.

  • Before Moving Into A New Home

    Before moving into a new home

    Many homeowners opt for testing all electrical installations by a certified professional before moving in for their own peace of mind.

  • After Living In A Property For Years

    After living in a property for years

    All homeowners are recommended to book electrical testing of their home every 10 years to ensure that installations are not deteriorating.

Who can complete electrical testing?

During an electrical test, a range of components will be assessed to identify faults. These include potential fire hazards, electric shock risks, defective installations and lack of earthing or bonding. These checks can only be completed by a qualified individual who has both knowledge and experience handling the potential risks that come with damaged or deteriorating electrical installations.

At Heath Electrical Services, our team are fully accredited by NICEIC, which means our engineers have been trained and approved to complete testing on appliances, cabling and more. We are also able to issue Electrical Installation Condition Reports and cover any remedial work required to get your home back up to a satisfactory level.

Our domestic electrical testing services

If you require electrical testing of your home but unsure which type of assessment fits your requirements, you can find more information on the services we provide by clicking through to the pages linked below.

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Electrical Installation Condition Report

    An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is used to test all installations in your home, including the fuse board, sockets and light switches.


  • PAT Testing

    PAT testing

    If you need individual portable appliances to be tested, such as computer monitors, kettles or even electric drills, then you will need to book PAT testing.



Customer testimonial

"Heath Electrical Services have always been my go-to for our EICR. They are really good at explaining complicated information so that you understand any problems that need fixing, and are great at booking in repairs almost immediately after. Love the team and the service!"