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Number Of Electrical Storage Heater Installed


Number Of Electrical Storage Heater Installed


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Modern Storage Heaters

Modern storage heaters are incredibly clever and operate by storing thermal energy. Inside units are ceramic bricks, which heat up during the night when electricity rates are low and release during the day when rates peak. Due to the technology now incorporated into heaters, they feature components such as programmable heating schedules, Wi-Fi remote controls and thermostatic controls for particular rooms.

As the installation of storage heaters requires rewiring of the home, the task must be completed by a qualified electrician. Heath Electrical Services will take into consideration your property type, electricity rates and the heater type you have in mind before scheduling a date for the project to be completed. Both manual storage heaters, along with automatic combination heaters, are available. While manual heaters are cheaper, they continue running unless you turn them off. Automated alternatives, on the other hand, combine a storage heater with an electric convection heater for more control.

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"Thank you to Damien and the team for their fantastic work! They fitted our new heater quickly while thoroughly making sure that every step was carried out with care. Would highly recommend Heath Electrical Services!"

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