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Commercial emergency lighting

Whether you operate in a hotel, hospital or school, providing a form of emergency lighting to the occupants of your premises is vital. Emergency lighting is used when all sources of mains electricity fail; this could be due to a power cut or fire. Failing to install a secondary lighting source puts occupants in great danger, making it imperative to ensure that you provide a safe property capable of handling performing in an emergency.

Heath Electrical Services provides automated commercial emergency lighting in Milton Keynes, which will illuminate in the dark. They will provide enough light for all occupants to evacuate safely, even when all alternatives have failed. Both self-contained and battery-operated options are available in a range of emergency lighting types.

Types of emergency lighting

When looking for emergency lighting in Milton Keynes, there are multiple self-contained and battery-operated solutions. When working with our team, we will advise on the most suitable from the wide range available.

  • Flood Lights

    Escape route lighting

  • Landscape Lights

    Open area lighting

  • Car Park Lighting

    Standby lighting

  • Motion Sensor Lighting

    High-risk task area lighting

Installing emergency lighting

Almost all commercial properties are required to have emergency lighting in order to comply with fire safety regulations. Whether there is a fault in your existing emergency lighting or you wish to install new lighting, the Heath Electrical Services team are at hand to help. The team can help you to choose the correct emergency lighting for your property and requirements, installing the lighting to ensure that safety is maintained.

When installing your lighting, the team will schedule a time and date best suited to you to ensure that disruption and downtime are minimised. After installation, you must ensure that your emergency lighting complies with BS 5266 regulations and safety guidelines by completing monthly and yearly checks. If you require help installing emergency lighting in Milton Keynes, then please feel free to give our team a call.

Maintaining emergency lighting

To ensure that your emergency lighting is safe and compliant with the law, it is important to make sure that you perform regular maintenance throughout the year. Through this, you can identify issues and faults that require attendance.

  • Daily


    Visually check the emergency lighting is working and log any faults. For any major or dangerous faults, contact our electricians.

  • Monthly


    Check luminaires for any signs of damage, briefly check lights work in an emergency and correct any issues as soon as possible.

  • Yearly


    You will need to invest in yearly checks and inspections to ensure you comply with BS 5266, and any issues must be rectified immediately.

Annual emergency light testing

As is the case with many electrical appliances and systems in a commercial property, you will need to have annual testing for your emergency lighting to ensure that they are compliant with regulations and provide a safe passage. An annual test must be booked in with a trained professional, and it will last for 3 hours. The test will monitor the system’s functionality and light level for the duration of the 3 hours. You will then be given a log of any faults that have been found during the test, which you must act upon immediately to resolve.

When working with Heath Electrical Services for your annual tests, you will be provided with a thorough service. The team can help to repair any faults that are found to ensure that your emergency lighting is back up and running safely and efficiently in no time.


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