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Battery-Powered Vs. Mains-Powered Smoke Alarms

The main problem with battery-powered smoke alarms is that people will often forget to replace the batteries. People also neglect to test their battery smoke alarms regularly enough which can be fatal. These models, however, are straightforward to install and can be placed anywhere, even if electricity is not established near the installation site.

However, with mains-powered smoke alarms, the most prominent vulnerability is that in the event of a power cut, the alarm won’t sound. Fortunately, having a battery back-up eliminates this problem. Also, directly wired detectors can be wired in sequence so that, if one alarm does go off in one part of the building, the others will sound as well. Having you alarms professionally installed means less chance of anything going wrong and also means that the home or business owner has a guarantee and a warranty for servicing, should anything go wrong.

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