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What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is completed following a professional assessment of the full installation at a property. This includes the consumer unit, wiring, switches and sockets. Once an assessment has taken place, you will receive a full report showing any works that are required or recommended to bring the property up to 18th Edition Wiring Regulations and how to get a satisfactory certificate if your property has come back as unsatisfactory. If everything is deemed to meet the regulations, you will be issued a satisfactory report.

Step by step guide to an EICR

A periodic inspection will reveal any electrical circuits which might be overloaded as well as any potential shock risks and fire hazards. It will also identify faulty electrical work and highlight any lack of earthing.


Tests are carried out on wiring and any fixed electrical equipment. Electrics should be inspected every five years for an occupied home. You should also have electrics tested before letting a property or before buying or selling a previously owned home.


The inspection will verify the condition of switches, sockets and light fittings. Examples of items that might need replacing include older round-pin plugs, cables with fabric coating hanging from ceiling roses to light fittings, round light switches, black switches and sockets mounted in skirting boards.


We will also check the condition and type of wiring system. For example, cables coated in black rubber, fabric or lead will need replacing with modern PVC cables. We will test sockets used for supplying outdoor electrical equipment to make sure that a suitable residual current device protects them.


Our team will issue an Electrical Installation Condition Report, which identifies any deterioration, defects or dangerous conditions. Immediate action will have to be taken if the overall condition is declared ‘unsatisfactory’. If already satisfactory or brought up to satisfactory, we will issue your electrical certificate.


Number of inspections in 2021

2 hours

Average inspection time


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What will an EICR inspect?

When completing an Electrical Installation Condition Report, the professional Heath Electrical Services team will inspect the following

  • Consumer Unit

    Consumer unit

  • Earthing & Bondin

    Earthing & bonding

  • Sockets


  • Plug


  • Visible Signs of Scorching

    Visible signs of scorching

  • Light Switches & Fittings

    Light switches & fittings

Why do you need an EICR?

Having a full inspection of the wiring in your home, or a property you are considering buying, will alert you to any electrical defects, damage and potential hazards. You will know whether your property is up to current safety standards or whether improvements are required. An up-to-date certificate is often needed for insurance purposes too.

If you are a landlord in England within the private rented sector (PRS) you are required to have electrical installations checked at least once every 5 years. As a homeowner, the recommendation is for every 10 years.

If your EICR is not up to date or you require an EICR, then please contact our professional and experienced team to book in this service

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What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report?


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