Here at Heath Electrical Services, we’re always on a mission to learn and grow. As our team continues to expand, there’s never been a better time to get involved. We’re seeking candidates for positions across our entire company, ranging from electrical engineers to videographers, as part of an expansion that marks an exciting new phase in our business journey. Whether you’re looking for apprenticeships or you’re a seasoned professional, we’re looking for people with all levels of experience, so take the next steps in your career and contact our recruitment team today.

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Heath Electrical Services has built a fantastic reputation throughout Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas due to our quality work and customer service. Our commitment to these values has facilitated tremendous growth, and in our latest recruitment drive, we’re looking to level up all areas of the business. We’re hiring candidates from all backgrounds, so take a look at our open positions and get in touch if you think you’re the right fit.

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Our electrical engineers are at the heart of our business and are among the most trusted electricians in Milton Keynes. So, if you’re looking to work with a forward-thinking team, look no further than Heath Electrical Services. We prioritise your growth and professional development to ensure you reach your full potential. Having grown as a family business, we’ve continued to foster a supportive and collaborative working environment so each new recruit instantly feels at home.

Among our latest exciting opportunities, we’re recruiting both commercial and domestic electrical engineers. So, whatever your specialism, we’d love to hear from you. At Heath Electrical Services, we rarely have a specific candidate profile in mind, preferring to create opportunities for those who are highly motivated and take pride in their work, get in touch!

We’re also searching for people to help organise our team of electricians in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to ensure our work meets the high standards our customer base has come to expect. One such role is our Electrical Contracts Manager vacancy. The successful candidate for this position will oversee our electrical projects and ensure the team meet their timelines and budgets. Alternatively, the vacant Electrical Estimator position will be filled by an individual who can work closely with our clients to prepare accurate and competitive estimates.

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Sales and purchasing

Looking for a forward-thinking business to best showcase your sales talents? Our Business Development Manager might be the perfect opportunity for you. In this role, the successful candidate will be responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities to help Heath Electrical Services continue its fantastic growth. This position will be filled by someone who’s driven by results and has a knack for maximising sales opportunities. If that sounds like you, get in touch with the recruitment team or apply online.

To further the smooth operation of Heath Electrical Services, we’re also looking to recruit a Procurement Manager to source, negotiate and purchase the materials and services necessary for our projects. The successful candidate will quickly become a crucial team member, ensuring our electricians have everything they need to do their job.

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As part of our business expansion, we’re looking for creative individuals to fill our media team and help us grow our customer base. We’re actively recruiting for a Videographer to produce high-quality video content on a wide range of projects. From commercials to social media content, this role is an opportunity to show off your visual storytelling skills in a host of settings. Slotting into a passionate team of innovators, this role is critical for our business vision and continued growth.

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If you fancy yourself as a tech whizz, our IT team is the perfect environment for you to showcase your skills. We’re looking for enterprising individuals to help keep Heath Electrical Services at the forefront of the industry.

Our IT Technician vacancy is perfect for committed problem solvers. The ideal candidate will specialise in maintaining and troubleshooting Apple technologies. The IT Technician will play a pivotal role in ensuring our communication lines and operating systems remain active at all times. If you’re interested in this position, check out the full description here.
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Human resources and admin

As our team grows, so does our responsibility to create a positive and welcoming workplace. That’s why we’re looking to expand our human resources team and bolster our vibrant work culture. The Human Resource Manager opening is a great opportunity for a strategic HR professional to grow their career and oversee all HR aspects within the company. In this hugely rewarding role, the HR manager will be responsible for attracting, retaining, and developing talent at Heath Electrical Services.

Elsewhere, we’re recruiting those with a proactive mindset for our customer service team. As a Customer Service Assistant, you’ll be our front-line representative responsible for addressing customer enquiries and concerns. This role is massively important in preserving Heath Electrical Services’ reputation among the best electricians in Bedford, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

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Like many areas of our business, our accounting team is growing. If you’re looking for a role of responsibility in an innovative and expanding business, our Finance Manager or Bookkeeper position could be ideal for you. Both roles will ensure the long-term sustainability and financial health of the company.

As the Finance Manager, the successful candidate will drive our financial strategy and move the business forward efficiently. They’ll work closely with senior management to develop procedures that support our business objectives. This position could be your next big career development if you have a strategic mindset and strong analytical skills.

Our vacant bookkeeper position will be filled by someone meticulous and detail-oriented. Responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and managing accounts, the successful candidate will play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of Heath Electrical Services.

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Alongside experienced professionals, we’re proud to support the next generation of workers with our many apprenticeships. Our partnership with MK College has helped us find the best apprentices despite an industry-wide recruitment struggle. As the business grows, we’ll continue to give those at the start of their career an opportunity to find their feet in the working world.

If you’re looking to kick start a career as an electrician or are more interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes, get in touch with our recruitment team to discuss your options. At Heath Electrical Services, we provide new recruits with the highest standard of training so they’re set up for a successful career in the industry.

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Join the team!

Evidently, it’s a hugely exciting time at Heath Electrical Services. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining the team, take a look at our open positions for all of your options. Our recruitment team would be delighted to hear from you, so be sure to get in touch.

While we’re growing as a business, we’ll continue to provide the same high-quality service you’ve come to expect from Heath Electrical Services. So, if you’re looking for electricians in Northampton, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, enquire with us today.

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