With modern technology constantly advancing, there are now a multitude of products and devices available for you to modernise your home living while also saving you money. Not only do these devices make it a lot easier for you to run your home, but it allows you to have full control of your energy usage while also protecting your home through some of the best security systems. When looking at home devices, it is important to figure out which ones work well together and provide you with a high level of assistance. To make sure that you are implementing some of the best smart home devices, we have found a range of exceptional and high-quality products.

7 Of The Best Smart Home Devices

As specialists in smart home device installation and certified electricians in Bedford, Heath Electricals has a range of advanced technology that elevates your home living. Everything from security systems to devices that control your lighting and heating, there are many ways you can make life that little bit easier. This is particularly important for those that are not in the home every day all day, and require systems that allow you to keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.

With the evolution of technology always advancing, there are some fantastic devices that you can have installed in your home with our experienced electricians in Northampton, and some that you can easily install yourself. Let’s take a look at what 2020 has brought us in the world of home technology:

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Best Home Control Device

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have become two of the most popular smart home devices that homeowners have purchased to control elements of their home. For example, the Google Home allows you to make announcements, ask questions, play music and set timers from anywhere in the room without having to lift a finger. In 2018, Nest, a well-known business for their innovative technology, partnered with Google to produce the Google Nest. This device allows you to do pretty much anything in your home, including all the features of a Google Home and much more.

Their range of products are not limited, and you can incorporate security cameras, home assistance and lighting controls through various devices that can be placed in and around your home. One of their newest developments is the Google Nest Hub, which gives you hands-free visual assistance such as displaying recipes, photo albums and much more. With a busy life, the Google Nest devices can bring a sense of organisation and easy access, which is perfect for those with young children and a full-on work life. These devices should ideally be installed by a professional electrician if you are to make the most out of your purchase. As professional electricians in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, our team are able to connect all your Google Nest devices so you can access them through your home with ease.

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Best Home Security Device

Our homes are our prized possessions and act as a safe hub for the whole family. This makes it extremely important for you to find security solutions that allow you to feel comfortable and safe within your home, whether that’s during the dark of night or working from home during the day. There are now many security features that you can incorporate into your smart home systems, and one of the leading brands is Ring, who have a selection of high quality and advanced security products. Everything from indoor cams to video doorbells, Ring has everything you need to protect your home.

Through the cameras and video systems, you are able to download their app to your home, and the system will then alert you if there is any movement inside your home or by your door. The video doorbell product also allows you to talk to the person on the other side of your door, which is beneficial is you’re not too keen on opening the door while home alone, or to warn off unwanted visitors while you’re at work. Much like the Nest products, our team are also experienced in installing Ring devices, which makes it a lot easier to incorporate both systems into your home with ease. The device can easily be installed, and the team will run through how to use the device and its systems.

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Best Light Control Device

As we all work consciously to improve our carbon footprint and protect the future of our planet, finding ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption can make your home more environmentally friendly while also reducing your energy bills. It’s easy to accidentally leave your lights on when leaving home for the day, which can quickly rack up a fair bit on your energy bills. Through specialist lighting control devices, not only can you combat this issue, but you can also improve the security of your home. Having the ability to control your lights no matter where you are, means that you can turn them on and off while you’re out of the house, giving the appearance that someone is in without having to leave the lights on constantly.

The Philips Hue bulbs can be controlled through your Nest systems, which can be connected to your home and through your home devices so that you can tell your Google Nest to turn off lights in certain rooms if you’re already tucked up in bed. These advanced bulbs can also change colour to adjust the atmosphere and feel of the room; this is great when trying to create a bright room or to calm the mood with a more off white tone.

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Best Smart Thermostat Device

Much like the lighting in your home, the central heating plays a significant part in making a comfortable living space, but can also cause your energy bills to rise dramatically in the winter. The majority of the time, this is from where you turn the heating up too high to quickly warm up the home, or from here you leave the heating on during the day so that the home is nice and toasty when you get back. However, with new smart thermometers, you can keep your home at the perfect temperature for when you wake up in the morning and when you arrive back home.

A great smart thermostat is the Nest Thermostat E, which is an affordable product that can be paired with your other Nest devices. Through the Nest Thermostat E, you can set times and temperatures in which you think are best for you, such as turning on 30 mins before you are due to arrive home from work. Not only this, but the smart app allows you to control your heating from your phone, so that you can turn the thermostat up or down while you’re making your way home or turn it off if you forgot to do so when leaving.

Nest Thermostat

Best Smart Plug Device

If you are looking for a range of products that can help you to lower your energy bills, then you’re going to want to add the Belkin WeMo Insight to your basket. This product is extremely cost-effective and can save money through its ability to control your energy usage as well as pinpoint where you are using your energy the most. This device can also be paired with your Nest products, so you can fully control your home. The device is slightly bulky, but it can save you a large amount of money on your energy bills when used correctly.

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Best Security Locking Device

Although the ring products are ideal for keeping an eye on your home, there are some other devices that are brilliant for pairing with your security system as it allows you to safely and securely lock your home even when you forget. The August Smart Lock Pro is ideal for adding security to your home and is extremely easy to fit onto your property. The product works by locking your doors using a strong system and unlocking them with a keypad. Advantages of this product include the following:

  • Automatic features
  • App assisted
  • Strong quality materials
  • Extremely compatible

There are many benefits to having this system in place, from making your home more secure to help you in insurance cases if the worst were to happen. While this product is a little more costly than other security systems, it is one of the best on the market for making sure that your doors are secure.

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Best Smoke Detector Device

Lastly, you can keep your home safe from other disasters such as a fire using smart smoke detector devices. While these are not completely new to the smart home device market, the new devices now available completely outperform older models. For example, the Nest Protect is easy to install and works extremely well with your other Nest products. The great thing about the Nest Protect connecting to your other devices, is that it can inform you about a fire in your home no matter where you are.

Much like the other Nest devices, they are extremely easy to install and can be done so with our team should you choose to invest in a range for their products. Whether you are fitting your new smart doorbell or a full home system, the team are always at hand to make installation easy and straight forward.

smoke detector

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Making A Smart Choice

There are now an abundance of smart home devices that you can install within your home, and we would highly recommend investing in a few to improve the efficiency of your home and increase your security. Through investing in just a few devices, you can benefit from a reduction in your energy bills and so much more. If you are in need of assistance when it comes to installing your Ring or Nest devices, then please feel free to speak with our electrical contractors in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas.

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