Some of the most common causes of electrical accidents and injuries can be prevented by knowing how to deal with electrical dangers. Safely storing electrical equipment and keeping electrical appliances away from water are just some ways you can prevent electric accidents. However, when an electrical appliance becomes a danger to yourself or your property, make sure to seek help from a professional electrician. We have come up with a guide to help you understand the dangers of electricity and how to prevent accidents and injuries.

Most Common Causes of Electrical Accidents And Injuries: A Health Electrical Guide

There are three main types of electrical accidents that you may encounter at home or even in the workplace. Each type of electrical accident can vary from mild to severe depending on the strength of the electrical current and factors such as water enhancing the accident. The three main types of electrical accidents are:

  • Electric shock: this occurs when an arm, hand or finger is placed on an electric current and causes the current to run through your body. An electric shock can be mild, moderate or severe, depending on what you are wearing, other factors such as surrounding water and the strength of the electrical current. A mild electric shock will leave a slight tingling sensation on the area that made contact with the current. A moderate electric shock will cause your muscles to contract, making it hard to pull away from the electric current. A severe electric shock will most likely cause heart failure, therefore being extremely dangerous.
  • Electrical burn: this usually coincides with a moderate or severe electric shock as the shock causes the tissue to burn. Electric burns are not only on the skin and can leave scarring, but burns can also be internal as the electric current travels through the bone and burns surrounding deep tissue.
  • Electrical fires: although electrical fires do not initially harm you, they can cause severe damage to any property and is a health and safety hazard for everyone in the building. Electrical fires occur when a current ignites a flammable material; this can be extremely dangerous when it is a piece of clothing. The danger of electrical fires is that the natural reaction for onlookers is to put out the fire with water. However, water can expose you to a higher risk of electrical shock and actually make the flame worse.


Whether you are making a cup of tea and accidentally spill some or are cleaning an area near electrical wiring, the possibility of an electrical shock is a daily concern. Water is a conductor of electricity and can, therefore, be extremely dangerous when put into contact with an electrical current. Electrical appliances can come into contact with water fairly easily in daily life; for example, spilling a glass of water on your desk at work or having hair straighteners and hairdryers in the bathroom. It is extremely important that you minimise the risk of an electrical shock by moving electrical appliances away from water and ensuring that any drinks are secure, so spillages are reduced. To subdue electrical currents and reduce the risk of an electric shock, consider installing a current device such as a fault circuit interrupter. A current device will make rooms in your home or workplace where water is used much safer. Do not install one of these devices unless you have been trained to deal with electricals. Make sure that you hire an electrical professional such as our specialist electricians in Milton Keynes at Heath Electrical Services.

Wet Hand Touching Electrics

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can occur through poor quality electricals, badly installed wiring and cabling or an overused cable that has split and the wires are now visible. Particularly in a workplace, wires and cables should be regularly inspected by a professional electrician to ensure the health and safety standards are met. Faulty wiring can lead to electric shocks, burns or severe injuries, so it is important that you are confident that your wiring is secure and safe. Overloading an electrical circuit with too many appliances can also cause a high voltage which can lead to a risk of electrical accidents. This is most common in workplace environments where computers, telephones and printers are all using the same electrical circuit. Call our professional electrician’s to ensure that your home and workplace are safe from electrical accidents and injuries.

Make sure that you get all of your electrical appliances PAT tested, that way you’ll be sure to know that you can create a safe environment. It is the law for all electrical appliances to be tested in a commercial office, school, shops and industrial sites, so contact one of our commercial electricians in Bedford for more information on PAT testing and electrical safety. Visit for the PAT website for more information on what PAT testing is and why it is important.

Faulty Wires On Fire

Attempting To Fix Electericals

Surprisingly, some people think that fiddling with electrical wiring and cabling is as easy as hammering a nail into the wall. What you may not realise is that attempting to fix electrical equipment without any training, can put yourself at serious risk of an electric shock and can put others in danger of an electrical fire. There are a lot of health and safety risks when being in contact with electrical currents; this is why electricians are thoroughly trained to do their job safely. Electricians undergo an intense course before entering the workplace as it is not a job that can easily and safely be learned on the job. Many people underestimate the complexity of working with electricals and attempt to fix appliances themselves without fully understanding the danger. Lack of knowledge and overconfidence is surprisingly one of the most common causes of electrical accidents and injuries. Not only are you causing danger for yourself and others, but you may also affect the electrical system in your home or workplace, which will be an expensive problem to fix. We strongly advise that you call a professional whenever dealing with electricals to ensure your safety.

Untrained Person Fixing Electrical's

Naked Cords and Plugs

Damaged cords can occur when an electrical appliance is overused, and the cord splits, exposing the wires inside. This can be extremely dangerous as the rubber cover over wires is there for protecting the electrical current from water, which means that a naked cord is at risk of sparking, causing injury or even a fire. Never handle damaged wires and cords and replace plugs and charges as soon as the cord begins to split. As previously discussed, it is important that you do not attempt to repair these appliances and cord yourself and be sure the call in an electrician for any home electrical installations.

Plugs are designed so that electrical currents can safely be passed through the cable and into your appliance. If one of the metal stems that go into the plug socket snap off the plug, stop using the appliance immediately as it is now a danger to your safety. All three of the plug stems need to be safely attached to the plug in order to ensure your safety and that the electrical current can pass through the cord. If you are unsure on the regulations for plug and socket safety, visit the government website for more information. To repair plugs and sockets, please contact a professional electrician for help or replace the whole appliance.

Naked Cord And Wire

Controlling The Risk

To ensure that your home and workplace are safe from electrical accidents and injuries, make sure that all the risks associated with electrical accidents are controlled. Simple controls such as replacing and repairing damaged cords and electrical equipment can instantly make a home and workplace safe. Regularly having checks on electrical appliances such as microwaves, toasters and kettles, can reduce the risk of electrical accidents. Make sure that you are using appliances that can be used under the voltage that you are plugging it into, as an overload of voltage can cause the appliance to set on fire or spark when in use. If any of your appliances are broken, damaged or frayed, replace them with new appliances or hire a professional to check all damaged equipment. To control the risk of an electrical accident, make sure that all of your electrical fuses and correctly fitted so that they will not cause danger or damaged to you and your property. If there are any problems with electrical equipment, no matter how big or small the job may be, always hire a professional electrician to do the job.

Replacing Plug

Dont Be Silly, Call A Professional

Experience is always key when it comes to handling any form of danger; just like you would call a trained fire service to put out a fire, call a professional electrician for electrical installing and repairs. An electrical problem can already cause danger and attempting to repair this problem can cause further issues. Electricians have been professionally trained to deal with electrical dangers, so installing and repairing is done under health and safety regulations. For information on electrical services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Heath Electrical professionals today.

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