Blown light bulbs might be a common occurrence in your house if you’re using ordinary household light bulbs. But if you use LED lighting then you might not have changed your lightbulbs in months – maybe even years.

What Is LED Lighting?

LED stands for “light emitting diode”, and they can often be found in lamps, lighting fixtures, mood lighting or just about anywhere! This semiconducting device is what conducts electricity into light – and it is significantly better than a typical light bulb. They have been upcoming since 2009 when the standards Edison shaped lightbulb was banned from usage in homes due to the measly 5-10% of lighting energy it produced.

So although LED lighting is an upcoming form of lighting energy – why? What makes LED so favourable over any other forms of lightbulb and what benefits can it bring to you and your home? Keep reading to find out!

Withstand Harsh Conditions

With typical light bulbs, they can only withstand a certain amount of heat and would not be able to resist below freezing temperatures. Whereas LED light bulbs are built with a variety of sturdy components that make them able to withstand any rough, harsh weather conditions.

Not only can LED lighting endure shock, vibrations and external impact, LED bulbs can withstand rain, wind, external vandalism, and are ideal for construction or product manufacturing sites.

outdoor LED lampposts

Flexible Design Features

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, then LED lighting could be the answer. LED lighting is being incorporated into offices, and school’s in a bid to motivate both students and office workers with LED mood lighting.

Mood lighting has been present for years, and there have been inventions such as mood rings etc, but the purpose of mood lighting is to make you feel at ease or a particular emotion which is why they’re commonly used in workplaces and schools. And now they’re being brung into homes in a bid to help people relax and unwind at home. Another thing that homeowners like about LED lighting is that it can increase the resale value of your property and you can control the intensity and coverage of the room with a dimming light switch. If you wanted LED lighting fitted into your home or office then our electricians Milton Keynes would be more than happy to help you fulfil this request.

Eco Friendly

And of course, over the most recent years, we are all doing our absolute best to ensure that we are all doing what we can to help keep our planet green and healthy. And the good thing is that now with LED light bulbs we can do more to save money on energy and make the planet a better place.

LED light bulbs are made with sturdy components – however, they’re not made with toxic chemicals like mercury that are found within typical household lightbulbs. They’re made entirely out of harmless chemicals that are completely recyclable.

eco friendly concept

Almost No UV Emissions

LED lighting can be sued for art galleries, museums and archaeologist sites. However, it’s doubtful that you would see a typical Edison lightbulb shining on any of the paintings or exhibits, not only because they’re now banned but also because they could cause real damage to any paintings, exhibits or anything that could be vulnerable when exposed to heat.

Ordinary light bulbs only produce a tiny 5-10% of the energy that is converted into light energy, and the other 90% is converted into heat energy. Which when shown on hundreds of year old paintings or ancient artefacts could most definitely cause damage to them.

Better Energy Efficiency

Because they can produce more light-based energy, this means that they need less energy to power them, therefore over a long period of time you can reduce your energy bills – while saving the environment!

different forms of LED bulbs


As well as saving you money already the LED light bulb has so many money-saving benefits, as well as using these to dramatically reduce your electricity bill costs, you barely ever have to renew them. It has been known for some LED bulbs to live for 100.000 hours! And if you left an LED lamp on for 8 hours a day it could be up to 20 years before the bulb needs replacing.

Can Be Turned On And Off Many Times

When you flick your bulb off, or on then sometimes it can have the tendency to blow, meaning that your bulb is no longer fit for use – which can be annoying when all you wanted to do was turn the light off. Or they can often blow when switched on and off again, whereas with LED bulbs this is not the case and by turning it on and off in the space of a short time it does not reduce the lifespan of your LED bulb. Another positive of the LED light bulb is that it does not have to take time to illuminate fully, typical light bulbs typically can take a few minutes to adequately light up the room whereas LED bulbs are instant and produce more light than an ordinary light bulb.

switching light switch

Operational In Hot Or Cold Weather

The fantastic thing about LED bulbs is that they’re not only extremely durable but that they also work in both extreme heat and severe cold – even freezing temperatures. Making them perfect for devices like fridge freezers where the temperature is often freezing or just below. If you live somewhere that often suffers from scorching hot summers and blistering winters with snow and ice, then you may want to consider using LED lighting to illuminate your garden.

Low Voltage

And finally, this comes under the eco-friendly and money-saving category; these bulbs are extremely low voltage to run which is ideal considering a typical lightbulb produces only 5-10% light energy they actually cost more to run than efficient LED bulbs. With such a low voltage this means that you can have more lighting fixtures in your home and it won’t cost you more – and if anything may cost less to have LED lighting fixtures installed than it would typical lighting.

screwing in lightbulb


SO there you have some of the best uses and benefits of LED lighting, this money saving form of lighting can be purchased in both general bulbs for the lighting of your home and garden, but can also be purchased as fixtures, lamps and can be installed as build in mood lighting for your home! If you’re interested in these electrical services Milton Keynes then simply ask our electricians for more information!

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