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Commercial Emergency Lighting

Whether you operate in a hotel, hospital or school, providing a form of commercial emergency lighting to occupants is imperative. Emergency lighting is used when all sources of mains electricity fail; this could be due to a power cut or fire. Failing to install a secondary lighting source puts occupants at great danger; both physically and mentally, causing greater panic, making it increasingly trickier to handle the situation.

Heath Electrical Services provides automated emergency lighting, which will illuminate when darkness is sensed. They will provide enough light for all occupants to evacuate safely, even when all alternatives have failed. Both self-contained and battery-operated options are available in the following ranges:

  • Escape Route Lighting
  • Open Area Lighting
  • Standby Lighting
  • High-Risk Task Area Lighting

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In the event of a broken emergency light, customers can contact Heath Electrical Services to arrange a repairs call-out.

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"Couldn’t have asked for a better team than Heath Electrical Services. They scheduled the full installation of emergency lighting around our offices at a time that caused no disruption. The job was done quickly and everywhere was left spotless!"

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