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Wall mounted air conditioning units Milton Keynes are the most commonly used units in the home and for industrial use. They are the most cost-effective and easiest to retrofit without needing to redecorate. A single unit would cool an office of up to six people. For larger rooms, additional units strategically placed around the walls will allow the whole room to benefit from the airflow.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are most commonly used in offices and commercial buildings. They are more expensive than the wall-mounted units but can be almost entirely hidden within a false ceiling.

Ducted air conditioning units are the most expensive, but, the least obvious and the most aesthetically pleasing. The cooling unit is hidden within a suspended ceiling or loft space, showing only small grilles. These units can be used for both domestic and industrial use.

The low wall-mounted unit is suitable for any room in the home, but best suit dwarf walls. These are commonly placed in conservatories on low walls, hidden from eye-view. These are also used less often for commercial use.

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