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Smart Home System Installation

Opting to install a smart home system is ideal for promoting a more modern approach to daily life. Whether you’d like your lights to illuminate at a click of the finger or strive to up security through home monitoring systems, it is almost guaranteed that there will be an available device to meet your needs.

As smart home specialists, Heath Electrical Services has a wealth of knowledge on various trending devices. They will use their expertise to recommend and install fully-functioning, reliable technology to your home. We are proud to be both Nest and Ring approved installers; two of the leading providers of smart home systems. Team members have undergone special training to become a Nest Pro and Ring accredited, which means that we can provide clients with peace of mind that all devices will be installed to the highest standard attainable.

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Same Day service

If you begin to notice a problem with any smart home devices, our electricians would be more than happy to visit your home to decipher the cause.

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Heath Electrical Services has built an outstanding reputation from word-of-mouth, which we can to maintain through providing fantastic customer service.

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We always aim to maintain the promise that what we quote you is what you pay. Prices remain at an affordable rate with no hidden fees.

Customer Testimonial

"If you’re hoping to install smart devices to your home, Heath Electrical Services are the guys to call! They really are experts in smart homes with so much useful information on each device. We were so impressed with their level of service!"

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