There are many standards that need to be met within commercial properties, with electrical testing and inspections being one of them.

The Benefits Of Electrical Testing And Inspection

There are plenty of benefits of having an electrical inspection and testing within your commercial property. It’s important that as a business owner, you take responsibility for your employee’s safety in the workplace. If one of your employees is injured in the workplace due to faulty electrical appliances, and you have not taken the precautionary processes as recommended by the Electrical Standards, then you could be liable.

Electrical inspections Milton Keynes are not costly and will not cause disruption to you or your employees. It’s an important service that should be carried out in all commercial buildings. So if you are a business owner who is wondering why electrical testing and inspection is so important to your commercial property, then keep reading!

Legal Reasons

Although electrical testing and inspection is not a legal requirement within businesses, the law does require that all businesses take the correct precautions to ensure that electrical appliances in the workplace are in a safe and efficient working order. In order for you to do this efficiently, you will need advice from a professional. Although in some cases you can see when appliances need replacing, as they have visible loose wiring or naked wiring.

But not all issues are externally noticeable. Quite often there are electrical issues with appliances that can only be found through electrical testing Milton Keynes. Only a qualified electrician has the ability to successfully test an electrical appliance and find out whether it is safe or not. If your electrical appliances in the workplace are not safe, you are breaching legal rules and could end up being liable.

More Efficient

By checking the quality and state of your electrical appliances in the workplace, you can guarantee that they work more efficiently and get the repairs or replacements that they need. You may not realise it, but faulty electrical devices can cause your electrical bills to skyrocket. Faulty appliances require a lot more power than they normally would in order to be able to function, which could be costing you a fortune.

If you own an office, it’s highly likely that the majority of your office is filled with different electrical appliances. This includes computers, printers, scanners and telephones. All of these run on electricity and have the ability to become faulty and drain electricity. If you have various of these throughout your office, that is going to be a vast amount of money added onto your electrical bills. Although you may not want to spend money on the electrical testing and inspection process, it can save you money in the long run from expensive appliances.

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Employee Safety

Your employees go above and beyond to make sure the work that needs doing get’s done, and they continue to make their way too and from work each day. It’s important that you repay them by providing them with a safe environment to work in. An unsafe office can cause employee morale to drop, which will cause a massive dip in work rate.

If you want to ensure that your employees continue producing high-quality work and that they feel appreciated, making your commercial property safe is the first step. Unfortunately, there have been cases where employees have been using kitchen appliances at work in the kitchen, and because they haven’t been tested, they have overloaded and exploded or caught on fire. Plenty of employees have become injured in the workplace due to faulty electrical appliances; if this happens in your business, it can have an everlasting effect on your employees as well as the business.

This all falls under Human Rights, your employee’s environment should meet everything under the Human Rights Act . Safety in the workplace is one of these standards, and if you aren’t meeting it, then you are liable as the business owner.

Reduce The Risks Of Electrical Fires

Not only does electrical testing and inspection reduce the risk of people injuring themselves in the workplace, but it also reduces the risk of electricity damaging your commercial property. You always read in the news about the devastation of families who have lost their home’s in house fires – caused by faulty electrical appliances.

Just as it would your own home, an electrical fire can have a devastating effect on your commercial property. It’s thought that each year a staggering 5,300 fires are caused each year due to faulty electrical appliances. Recently there have been stories in the news about devastating home fires being caused by poorly put together, cheap phone chargers brought either on the high street or online . Companies are not meeting electrical standards and are losing sight of the safety aspect of things when manufacturing these dangerous devices.

Any electrical appliance that is faulty has the ability to cause a severe electrical appliance. This includes chargers, fridges, microwaves, kettles and toasters. We have tested some companies electrical devices and found appliances that were a hazard and had the potential to cause an electrical fire. We cannot stress how important it is that you have these things checked.

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Avoid Appliance Malfunction

Appliance malfunction can happen if it’s not in the correct state to be used. This is the main thing that causes electrical fires through appliances. When appliances are worn out or are damaged, electrical currents running to them may be too much, which causes them to overheat and catch on fire.

Avoiding appliance malfunction is vital, and is key to keeping your office space as safe as it can be. With simple electrical inspecting and testing you can check if your electrical devices are in working order or whether they need disposing of and replacing.

What Are The Electrics That You Need?


Lighting is one of the most important electrical features you will come across during a commercial refurbishment, it will make a huge difference to the appearance of your commercial property, and can increase the work rate of your employees. If your commercial property does not have much natural light entering the building then you may find you need more lighting fixtures. We recommend taking a look at some of these gorgeous office lighting fixtures from

As well as improving the quality of the lighting in your office, it can save money on your energy bills. As a large commercial property, the amount of energy and electricity your consume is vast, because of this it is important that you go out of your way to reduce costs, and do your part for the environment by using LED bulbs.

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Wiring is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to commercial refurbishments and should not be something you do yourself. Commercial electricians Milton Keynes are going to be a fantastic helping hand during wiring installations; it’s important that it’s all neat and tidy. There are also vast amount of health and safety requirements that must be met during the installation of electrical wiring and cabling, to find out more information on electrical hazards you can face we recommend taking a look at How to Avoid Electrical Hazards at Work. Once again, we must stress that this should only ever be carried out by a professional, so if you need any help with data cabling Milton Keynes, please contact us today.

Sockets are vital within a commercial property, if you have a telephone calling centre, or even an office for other purposes, the likelihood is that you are going to have a lot of electrical appliances, phone wires and computers. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of plug sockets for all of your employees, and to ensure that there is a source of electricity for every device. This also applies for rooms like your employee kitchen which will have appliances like fridges and kettles. You should have plug sockets installed in a ratio that ensures there is always a spare plug socket, and always ensure that you have a conversation with your electrician to be certain that there isn’t the risk of your overloading plug sockets or xtension leads, as this can cause an electrical fire.

Server Rooms

Server rooms and data centres are common in commercial buildings, and should be top of your priority as they store some of the most vital data to your business, as well as personal information. If you tore a lot of personal details or private and sensitive information or documents, it is definitely worth having a server room in your commercial building. Many companies do not realise the importance and value of having a data centre or server room within their business. Some businesses often don’t take this into consideration, and it can cause many data breaches and devastation if a hacker is to get hold of any of your sensitive data.

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Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

As we previously mentioned, keeping your employees safe in the workplace, as well as keeping your business running safely and efficiently is vital. A lot of the things that we have mentioned are commonly forgot in commercial properties, but it is so important that you o above and beyond to ensure the safety of your employees, as well as your own personal data to ensure a successful business. Electrical services within your commercial property may often slip your mind and be a procedure that is forgotten, but we cannot stress how important it is in both commercial buildings, as well as homes.

If you need help with any of the electrical aspects in the workplace or would like advice on how you can improve your commercial building, please feel free to contact a member of our team today for information and guidance.

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