Electrical accidents are one of the most common causes of house fires, as well as life-threatening injuries within homes and commercial properties.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Electrical Accidents?

Unfortunately, electrical accidents happen each day, it’s an accident that frequently occurs just because those who are not experienced in working with live electrical wires attempt to make repairs.

Of course, the majority of electrical accidents that happen cannot be foreseen, and are a total accident. But by knowing the main electrical safety tips, as well as the most common causes of electrical accidents, you can help keep yourself, your friends and your family safe around electricity.

So if you are interested in knowing the most common causes of electrical shocks and accidents, then keep reading.

No Experience Or Training

An electrician is a difficult career, and takes a vast amount of dedication and time put in in order to have all the knowledge and training for exams. It takes a number of years as it is so intense and there is so much to know. But it’s a worthwhile job, it’s rewarding and has many benefits, so we urge anyone not to be deterred by the hard work that is needed.

Although a lot of people who don’t work in this industry and have no electrical work history, underestimate the complexity of being an electrician and also do not realise the danger of messing around with electrical wiring and currents. Which is why one of the most common causes of electrical shocks and injuries is unexperienced homeowners attempting to fix faulty electrics themselves when a problem arises. A lot of homeowners tend to think that electrical services are costly, although they are available at an affordable price and can prevent you from causing serious harm.

Electricity powers your entire home, with massive voltages and currents, it is hazardous to play around or attempt to fix any electrics if you have no previous experience as an electrician.


Children when they are very young, do not necessarily associate danger with electricity as in the way that they would with anything else. This is why every year a number of children accidentally harm themselves with electricity, unbeknown to its dangers.

One of the most common causes of electrical accidents within children was down to cables. Children when they are very young go through a stage of wanting to put everything in their mouth, electrical wiring could be one of those things when not moved out of reach.

As it’s well known, humans, unfortunately, are a fantastic conductor of electricity. Meaning that when a cable with an exposed live wire is put into someone mouth, or it comes into contact with human skin, they may experience a high voltage electric shock. As children like to get themselves into all kinds of trouble, it isn’t an unknown occurrence for them to get hold of dangerous wires and electrocute themselves. It’s often accidents, but it tends to happen so if you have young children it’s most definitely worth looking into how to electrically baby-proof your home.

baby with wire in mouth

The Weather

Stormy weather is often the cause for electrical accidents. Although storms aren’t frequent in the UK, we still suffer greatly from high-speed winds and copious amounts of rain. When storms do hit, they can hit powerlines which often injure those working on them or that are around them.

As well as this, it is known for lightning strikes (although very unlikely and unlucky) to hit humans. In these circumstances a lot of those that this has happened to have survived the high voltage shock, although it’s extremely dangerous and you are tremendously lucky to be alive after a lightning strike. Take a look at this article on how to stay safe in storms.


It’s a commonly known fact that water and electricity simply do not mix. Of course, everyone is taught this, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the dangers which is how accidents happen.

Bathrooms are the common denominator when it comes to water-related bathroom accidents. A lot of homeowners tend to have a lot of electrical appliances in their bathrooms; such as hair straighteners, hair dryers, shaving chargers and much more. When they are having a bath or shower, it’s essential that you move all electrical appliances out of the way and store them away somewhere.

There have been plenty of cases when someone is bathing and either their hairdryer or whatever electrical appliance is on the side, has fallen in the bath and electrocuted them. These kind of accidents are tragic and can be avoided with more knowledge about the dangers of electricity.

hairdryer on sink

Faulty Appliances

PAT testing Milton Keynes involves the process of checking that electrical appliances within your residence and commercial property, are in a safe and working order. If you own a business or work in a commercial office, it’s a bylaw requirement that all of the electrical appliances in your office are PAT tested. This is anything from a laptop charger, to a kettle and a microwave. All appliances are run by large volumes of electricity, so when damaged or faulty and used, they can produce a nasty shock.

There has been instances in which businesses have been shaken and riddled in legal cases after employees have been electrocuted or burnt at work by faulty appliances. In terms of your property, PAT testing is not a legal requirement. Although it’s incredibly beneficial and can make life for you and your family safer within your home, and sae you money!

Faulty or outdated appliances require a larger volume of energy to power them to work harder. In this case, your energy bills can start to shoot up, especially if it’s bigger appliances like a washing machine. Have electricians Milton Keynes visit your property and check over your appliances.

Improve Your Electrical Safety Awareness

You may have learned about electricity in school over the years, but after a while, some of the most crucial information starts to fade. Remember the main electrical safety tips and ensure that all of the appliances and electrical wiring in your property is safe.

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