Your home’s electrics are the primary source of everything that runs in your property. Your TV, microwave, fridge, oven and even your phone charger would have no way to function without electricity. Electrical inspection and testing can help keep these running and in a working order.

Why Have Electrical Inspection And Testing?

Just like the other maintenance you need in your home such as boiler servicing, and plumbing maintenance. It’s easy enough for electrical inspection and testing Milton Keynes to slip your mind.

Although you aren’t always thinking about home maintenance, it’s crucial that you make space for it on your to-do list. Otherwise, you could find yourself forking out for costly repairs, energy bills and could even get into trouble for now meeting legal property guidelines. The purpose of an electrical inspection is to ensure that your property’s electrical wiring is functioning to its full capacity. As well as checking that it’s not faulty nor dangerous or you may need to have electrical repairs, which when left for the problem to worsen can end up costing a fortune.

It’s more than likely you have read stories in the newspapers about the devastation caused by electrical fires. A simple electrical inspection could save your life. Carried out in both commercial as well as residential properties, electrical inspections are biblical in commercial environments. As if there were to be any electrical faults to cause injury to a member of staff there would be a serious issue, and the business owner will be liable. This also applies to landlords and their tenants. It’s the landlord’s duty of care to ensure they book in their property for regular electrical inspections, testing, boiler servicing and more to ensure the safety of those living in the house.

As for electrical testing, unlike inspections, it is a legal requirement within the workplace and for landlords that all appliances are tested and have been approved by electrical contractors. If your landlord or employer fails to meet these basic needs, they could be facing 6 years imprisonment or up to a £5000 fine. Electricity causes injury to a staggering 1000 people every week and causes fatality of one person each week – so it’s not a force to be reckoned with. If you can’t remember the last time you had your home tested or inspected, keep reading. We’ve listed some of the benefits of booking in for an electrical testing and inspection.

Keep Your Irreplaceable Items Safe

You can insure things like your television, car and just about anything in your property that you own. Unfortunately, when some things are lost or damaged even insurance doesn’t cover them.

Some family heirlooms or hand me downs are one of a kind and irreplaceable. Damaging or losing them in a house fire would be a tragedy, so it’s essential that you adequately protect your home from the devastation of a house fire by keeping good care of your electrical wiring.

If you don’t have insurance on any of your belongings, a house fire could be devastating as you will have to replace everything damaged by the fire.

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Meet Electrical Standards

Electrical standards must be met by every electrician who installs any form of electrical appliance or wiring into your property. The primary purpose of electrical standards is to ensure the protection and safety of your residence against any electrical hazards or issues. This can include anything from short circuits, to voltage drops and circuit overloads.

Just as there are building standards which have to be met for a property to be legal, there are the same set of rules for electricity. Electricians must abide by these rules strictly and ensure they everything within the property is compliant, or the property is inhabitable.


The most important thing about your property is that you feel safe. Whether that be due to CCTV Milton Keynes, security alarms or any other forms of home security, one of the most effective ways to ensure a safe home is to make sure that your property’s electrics are working.

If your electrics are faulty, not only can it cause issues with your homes electrical wiring, but it can also cause your appliances to malfunction – which is how electrical fires start. In order to keep you and your family safe in your property and minimise the risks of electrical fires, it’s essential to have electrical testing and inspections. The most common warning signs of faulty home electrics are the following;

  • Buzzing, charred or discoloured electrical outlets and switches
  • Electrical shocks
  • Burning smell
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Frayed, damaged or exposed wiring

In commercial buildings like offices, it’s a legal requirement that the business owner makes sure the building is inspected and tested to ensure the safety of employees. If you were to harm yourself at work due to poor quality electrical wiring without the proof of electrical history with frequent inspections, the business owner could be liable.

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Save Money

Faulty electrics can be the sole issue of high electricity bills. If your electricity is damaged or defective, this, therefore, means that your cabling is not working to its full capacity. Which then means that your electrical outlets are working harder to provide the adequate amount of energy to your appliances, and they have to work harder.

Therefore when your next energy bill comes through in the post or online, you could be in for a big shock. As your appliances are working so hard to power with defected wiring, this is what can cause your appliances to malfunction. Therefore, you end up replacing your electrical appliances a lot more regularly than you should be.

Book In For Electrical Inspections And Testing Today

Now that you know the importance of electrical maintenance within your property, it’s time to book yourself in. All of these points are common within households and should be taken into consideration by every homeowner. If you can’t remember the last time you had electrical maintenance in your property, dig up your electrical installation condition reports Milton Keynes to backtrack your electrical history to get a better understanding.

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