Electrical problems are frequent inside residential properties, if you are suffering from any electrical issues then be sure to contact an electrician.

How To Fix Electrical Problems

Unless you are a qualified electrician, then do not ever attempt to repair any faulty electrical wiring or fit electrical fixtures. A lot of homeowners seem to forget the real dangers of tampering with electricity, which is why in the past it has caused a staggering 1.2 million people significant injuries.

Even if you have had slight experience and crossed paths with electrical wiring in previous occupations or underwent a short period of training, please do not attempt to fix any electrical outlets without qualifications. Electricians Milton Keynes are more than happy to assist you with any of your electrical mishaps and although they cost money you are guaranteed a safe and good job.

But how do you know if your property is suffering from electrical faults? There are a few giveaway signs and common electrical problems that can normally show some indication that your home has an electrical problem. So if you want to find out if your home needs help from a qualified electrician Milton Keynes, keep reading!

Your Light Switches Aren’t Working Properly

Dimming light switches that aren’t working efficiently or are flickering when you try and dim them indicate that there is an internal problem, either with the lighting fixture or your homes electrical wiring.

If you are having this problem in a new build home, then it could mean that the switches have been removed or that they have superseded. Have an electrician look at your lighting fixtures, in order to fix this you should have an electrician carry out electrical inspections and testing Milton Keynes to determine whether the problem is internal or simply the lighting fixtures.

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You Are Receiving Electrical Shocks

Although the electrical shocks you are getting may not be huge or necessarily painful, when left to deteriorate they can begin to worsen. Electrical shocks are most common when you are turning appliances on or off; the only problem is that it can be the appliance causing the problem, or your home’s wiring.

So just like the point, we mentioned before we recommend having an electrician inspect and testing your homes electrical cabling. Many people test this theory by plugging in different appliances to see if they receive shocks from these as well, but this is not a good idea. You are still putting yourself at risk and mildly harming your body – save yourself the stress and call an electrician in.

You Keep Having Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can be caused by things such as lightning, faulty appliances, damaged power lines and even faulty electrical wiring. Although electrical surges only last a matter of seconds, they can cause damage to your properties wiring and the appliances you own at an alarming rate and significantly reduce your devices longevity.

The most likely reason that you are having regular electrical surges is commonly down to a device connected to your home grid or wiring. To solve this before calling in a professional, try removing any cheaply made appliances from your electrical outlets and see if this improves the situation.

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An Odd Smell

Although your electrical appliances producing a fishy smell isn’t something that would seem like a common occurrence, it happens regularly and can indicate problems with some of your biggest electrical appliances.

It can be the result of fluorescent lights coming to the end of their life, or developing other faults. As well as the side effect of a large electrical appliance with a loose connection that has been overloaded, such as a washing machine or shower.

The Circuit Breaker In Your Home Is Tripping Regularly

High wattage appliances such as washing machines, hairdryers and microwaves can often be the problem to regular tripping circuit breakers – especially when they’re being used on the same electrical power source.

Although this can be annoying, it’s actually a good sign, but it could also mean a problem, so speak to an electrician as its better to be safe than sorry. Electrical circuit breakers are designed to protect you and your property so when it does trip it shows that it’s working and is being efficient. Although if you want to avoid tripping out your circuit breaker then try and limit the number of high wattage devices you use, especially on a singular electrical outlet.

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You Have A Circuit Overload

And the most common reason that homeowners have problems with their homes electrical wiring. A circuit overload can cause serious problems for your property, most properties both old and new don’t have enough power points to cater to the entire property which is why electrical overloads happen quite frequently.

You prevent overloading your powerboards by avoiding connecting your electrical devices by a number of extension leads. Also by unplugging all of your unused electrical devices as the current still runs even after being switched off. Consider what you are currently using in your property and try and spread out your electrical devices as much as possible, this can be anything from kettles to hair straighteners and phone chargers.

Dips In Your Electrical Power

And finally, drops in your electrical currents can also show an issue with your home’s wiring. Appliances can do this when they’re turned on, and they suck out large amounts of power when turned on which can draw away the current from all of your other outlets. This could be down to either an extremely power hungry appliance or weak/faulty electrical wiring so be sure to call an electrician for an inspection.

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Keep Your Home’s Electrical Wiring In Top Notch Condition

It’s important to keep in mind how important it is that you have high-quality, efficient electrical wiring in your property. If you don’t, it only reduces home safety, and inefficient wiring can waste money on your electricity bills and send them sky high!

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