It’s not always easy to be able to tell when a electrician is needed, however in some instances there a few telltale signs that often mean that you need an electrical checkup or work done by a professional.

What To Do If An Electrician Is Needed?

If you think you notice any of the signs that you need an electrician, then the best thing you can do is not to panic. The worst thing you can do in a situation that involves electricity or electrical issues is to panic. If you think something isn’t quite right with your electrics or that you are in danger, call emergency electricians Milton Keynes as soon as you can, and a certified electrician will be with you shortly to help address the issue, no matter the time or place.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not attempt to fix any electrical issues yourself. Electricians undergo years of extensive in-depth training to be able to work with electrics; you can seriously harm yourself with electricity – especially when you aren’t clued up on it. So make sure you leave electrical repairs and replacements to electricians! If you think you need electrical work but aren’t too sure then no worries, we’ve devised a set of warning signs that are generally common signs that you need your home electrics repaired or checked out. So keep reading!

Using Too Many Extension Cords

Extension cords are only meant to be used when absolutely necessary, for example when you laptop charger doesn’t quite reach your desk. But most people forget this and end up incorporating extensions cords into their everyday life to power things such as TV’s, DVD players, lamps and much more.

This is extremely dangerous; extension cords are designed to make you be able to reach the device you’re trying to use in difficult situations. Using them every day can overpower the circuit and cause an electrical fire – this also applies for plugging extension cords into other extension cords. If you find yourself using extension leads every day, we recommend that you contact an electrician and make an enquiry about having more plug sockets and electrical outlets installed in your home.

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Your Lights Flicker

Are your lights flickering? Are they randomly dimming when you turn your lighting fixtures on? This can be a sign of an electrical problem in a few parts of your home. Either your electrical wiring is outdated and requires replacement, or somewhere along the line something has become damaged and requires attention. Either way, this is unsolvable unless electricians Milton Keynes hold an electrical inspection.

Your Home Is Old

Old homes, unfortunately, can be disastrous when it comes to electrics, as lovely as your timely property may look from the outside if not cared for properly the electrics can be an ugly sight. Older homes have lower electrical resistance and more often than not have old-fashioned wiring as well as old plug sockets. Meaning that they are unsafe and will most definitely need replacing to modernise your home’s electrics.

Be sure that if your home came with large chandeliers or light fixtures that you check them as these can be one of the most dangerous things. Electrical wiring in lighting fixtures has evolved a lot since the fitting of your dated light fixtures so they could be an extreme danger to your home.

old victorian house

Warm Tingly Feelings

If you feel a warm tingly sensation when quickly flicking off a light switch, then something really isn’t right. This applies to any of your electrical outlets like plug sockets. Gently rest your hand over your plug sockets and light switches, if you feel a small vibration fuzzy sensation, then there is definitely a problem with your electrical wiring.

In other circumstances when touching your electrical outlets you might get tiny electrical shocks, this is also an indication of electrical wiring issues. Although this should always be addressed by a professional electrician as although this problem is more common than you think it can mean a variety of issues that can only be detected and resolved by a qualified electrical tradesperson.


It’s bad news if rust or moisture gets under the primary service panel of your home. Alarm bells should ring here as this is a dangerous and grave concern, deterioration on this high scale level indicates a much more severe problem with your home. Moisture and electricity are a definite lethal combination, so any moisture found near or on your service panel should be reported to an electrician immediately to avoid electrical malfunctions or injury.

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Your Bathroom Is Outdated

As already discussed, water and electric is a deadly mix, and they should be kept at a far proximity under all circumstances. The purpose of your bathroom is to use the toilet and shower, meaning that most of the time there is going to be a constant stream of water – not good for any electrical appliances or electrical wiring.

In wetter areas your electrical wiring will need a lot more monitoring and protection, meaning that they will need more regular safety checks from electricians more than anywhere else in your home. We recommend yearly electrical inspections just for peace of mind.

Out Of The Blue Blackouts

If your homes lighting or electrical outlets randomly shut down for a period of time, then it’s time to contact an electrician. Power cuts sometimes occur in residential areas of commercial buildings when something is wrong with your electricity supplier. However regular singular home blackouts are often the victim of faulty electrical wiring, sometimes your home can be drawing more electrical current than they should.

This often results in a more dangerous fault in the circuit of your home so you should definitely call an emergency electrician if this problem occurs in your home on more than one occasion.

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Check Your Homes Electrical Wiring Today

So if you have experienced any of these situations in your home, it’s definitely time to call an emergency electrician. These sort of situation will only worsen with time and become more dangerous, so we recommend having them fixed as soon as they are detected.

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