Opening your electricity bills at the end of the month and seeing a high price can put a real downer on your day.

Why Keep Track of My Electricity Bills?

If you are someone that doesn’t keep a close eye on their incoming bills and outgoing payments, you should definitely take more care and put more concentration into keeping track of pending and outstanding payments for water, gas and electricity. Simply because if given a chance some electricity providers, as well as gas and water companies, will try and rip you off with packages and costs that you didn’t even know you had.

But by keeping a close eye, you can ensure that you are getting exactly what you’re paying for. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep a close eye on your electricity bills, it’s easy enough for you to lose track of how much energy your appliances are using and you could end up paying extortionate amounts for appliances that you weren’t even aware were causing you extra costs.

Not sure what could be rocketing up the price of your electricity bills? We’ve devised a list of the top culprits that could be causing your electricity bills to be sky high, so keep reading!

Constantly Using Electricity Sucking Appliances

Large-scale appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers are vampires for electricity. Because of their size and the vast amount of work they have to do it’s obvious that they require a large amount of energy to be powered.

Although as they’re permanently plugged in and used almost every day, they drain electricity and can send your electricity bills sky high. This is a colossal waste of your money, so we recommend waiting it out until your washing basket is full enough to fill up the entire washing machine.

This also applies for tumble dryers and dishwashers, instead of washing up smaller items wait it out until you load the dishwasher and do it all together. Simply because it was discovered that your large-scale appliances don’t work to full capacity and can waste up to 40% of the energy used to power them.

Your Using Outdated Appliances

You may not think it, but smaller sized appliances still have the capability to pile the pounds onto your monthly electricity bill. Older appliances need a larger volume of energy than a more updated version of your appliance would.

Just like everything else updates make things better, therefore later developed products are going to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Although this does not mean that you need to replace your appliances everytime a new product comes out otherwise you would be wasting hundreds of pounds. If your appliance is over 5 years old, we would recommend replacing it with an updated version to ensure appliance efficiency.

So if you have any vintage or retro appliances in your kitchen, they may look lovely, but they could be the culprit of all of the extra costs on your electricity bill.

retro themed kitchen

Your Misusing Lights And Ceiling Fans

If sitting in bed reading a book, it can be a waste of electricity to sit with your entire room’s lights on while reading. Although lamps will still use electricity, it will use a smaller amount meaning you can save money. Instead of all of the lights being on why not invest in a few table-side lamps to place in each room for when you need to do things without having to turn all of the lights on.

Ceiling fans are common in conservatories to help control the high temperatures that they can reach during the summer. These ceiling fans only affect the temperature of the room they’re fitted in, so it’s pointless having ceiling fans on in any room you aren’t in. All you are doing is wasting electricity and your own money, as well as this if your fan is faulty or fitted improperly this could also be why your electricity bill is higher than normal. If you hear any abnormal noises coming from your fan, or if it can’t turn properly be sure to contact certified electricians Milton Keynes to arrange a visit and find the problem.

Too Many Device Chargers

Take a look at all the devices and appliances in your home, how many of them have their own charging devices? Cameras, laptops, phones, speakers, toothbrushes and shavers are just a few devices that need regular, if not daily charging. The more gadget orientated you are, the more electricity you are going to spend on charging your technology.

The solution to solving all of the built-up costs from your device chargers is simple, like we mentioned earlier devices and plugs can still attract electricity even when turned off. So by completely unplugging the device, you stop any electrical current being able to reach it. We also recommend limiting your devices charging times, how many times have you left your phone or laptop on charge for a ridiculous amount of time, when really it only needed an hour.

You may not think about it at the time, but that is all wasted electricity, which means wasted money. In regards to your phone and laptops, there are plenty of public places that offer free charging. Let your phone drain right down until it’s dead, do this with all of your appliances and then charge them. This the irradicates the need for on and off small-scale charging which can eat up your electricity quicker.

phone plugged in charging

Start Saving On Your Electricity Bills Today

It’s easier than you think to build up extra costs on your electricity bills, things like faulty wiring and outdated light bulbs can be the cause of a sky-high electricity bill. So be sure to check your statement monthly. If you think your electrical wiring could be affecting your homes efficiency and causing you extra costs on your electricity bills, then do not hesitate to use electrical services Milton Keynes and have the problem addressed and fixed promptly for an affordable cost.

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