Unfortunately like most jobs, being an electrician has its perks, but as well as that it also has a few minor downfalls. The downfall of being an electrician is the number of electrical safety precautions we have to take to ensure our safety at work.

Why Follow Electrical Safety Precautions?

Of course, it’s vital for electricians to stay safe when working, electricity can be deadly if handled in the wrong way or handled without taking certain precautions beforehand. Electricity can conduct with most metals as well as a variety of other materials, so it’s important that when working with electricity that you do not have any of these elements on or around you.

As well as the safety of yourself, but when being careless with electrical safety it is very easy to injure somebody else if not yourself as well as causing damage to their homes. If something like an entire home electrical wiring is carried out without the correct electrical safety precautions in place, then you could be causing a danger for those living in the property.

So we know it’s important to take precautions with electricity, but what are they and if you have hired electricians Milton Keynes are they following these strict rules? Keep reading to find out more!

Avoid Water At All Times

This safety precaution is a significant point in not only keeping yourself safe, but the people present in either the property or office you are working on. Of course, it’s evident to those who are not electricians that water and electrical appliances or electricity in any form are not a good mix.

Water does not conduct electricity, but it is, in fact, the impurities found in water that make them a deadly mix. Although scientists have found a safe method to produce low current water to cool down high voltage electrical machinery it does not run through taps within residences. So in places like your kitchen when water is within close proximity of electrical appliances you should take extra safety measures to ensure that they cannot come into contact.

And for electricians this is an obvious precaution, they must ensure that they never work with them in the same area together, and also never attempt to touch or repair anything with damp or wet hands.

 sink in kitchen

Never Attempt To Repair Energised Equipment

You may not always be aware of when your equipment is energised or not, a way to check this is with an electrical tester. When an electrical tester touches either a hot or live wire, it’s bulb will light up to show that there is an electrical current present.

Energised equipment has the potential to hurt you if you attempt to work on it while the energy is still flowing, you will have to wait until it cools down and the energy leaves. Before beginning to work on the equipment, you should take the precautions of checking all oft he wiring, and check the outer metal covering for the service panel before eventually starting your work.

Be Wary of Underground Cabling

Dependant on the weather circumstances wet weather can sometimes cause a whole flurry of issues for electrical contractors Milton Keynes. One of the most difficult one of these issues is wet soil, a lot of underground wiring is only accessible by digging underground.

However, if the soil is wet this increases the electrical current flowing through the wiring, so you will have to dig the soil away to reduce the current and gain access to the cables. But more often than not, digging with a shovel can cause damage to the cabling, so the only other solution is to dig down with your hands, of course wearing rubber insulated gloves.

cabling underground for houses

Take Extra Care When Soldering Circuit Boards

When soldering circuit boards there a few things that you should be careful with, they can create sparks, so it’s crucial that you wear protective eyewear. As well as this, soldering can also produce potentially harmful gases, especially if you have breathing difficulties. So as a precaution you should invest in masks to filter down the gases and prevent them from entering your body.

The soldering process can get hot and sweaty, so after the soldering process is complete, you should make sure that you leave it on a stand to cool before storing it away.

Never Use Steel Or Aluminium Ladders If Working At Height

And although a lot of electrical jobs have to be done with underground wiring, plenty of jobs have to have access to electrical wiring up high. Train lines, telephone lines and pylons are all difficult to reach yet still require the attention of electricians.

And although you may not be able to reach a pylon with a ladder, there are a lot of situations where you may need to use one. However, the material of your ladder can make you a prime target for electrical injuries. By using an aluminium or steel ladder, an electrical surge will ground you and run through your entire body as they are the perfect conductor for electrical currents. So instead of these material ladders opt for fibreglass, wood or bamboo as an alternative.

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Always Wear Insulated Rubber Gloves

Unfortunately, human beings are conductors of electricity, meaning if we become exposed to a live wire the electrical current will flow straight through us (but cause serious injury at the same time). So because electricians are exposed to live wires and flowing electricity continuously, they need a protective layer from all of the dangerous electricity they’re going to be handling. Although we conduct electricity, rubber is, in fact, an insulator, meaning that flowing electricity cannot travel through it.

So electricians are recommended to wear rubber gloves as well as rubber sleeves to protect them from voltages that are high enough to cause death.

Follow These Tips And Stay Safe!

If you are not a qualified electrician, then we strongly recommend that you never attempt to repair or replace any electrical outlets or faulty electrics yourself. Call an electrician and have them address the issue for you, we hope that this article was helpful? If it was then why not share on social media?

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