In recent years, global warming is becoming more and more significant, and it’s presence within the media is enormous. Many people are worried about the future of our planet if we don’t stop polluting it with poisonous gases and chemical landfills, people are thinking of as many ways possible to make your home eco-friendly to not only save you money but to reassure a safe future for our planet.

Why Make Your Home Eco-Friendly?

As we just mentioned global warming is worsening at a faster rate than anybody has ever seen, it’s causing serious climate change that can eventually cause the extinction of many of the worlds most beautiful and popular animals. Melting the ice-caps, global warming is destroying the habitat of polar bears and seals as well as the plentiful other animals in Antarctica.

Even causing severe problems in the oceans, global warming is destroying stunning coral reefs that are a massive visiting point for tourists. Once the coral is gone, many fish have nothing to feed on which consequently breaks up an entire food chain – which when broken can result in the loss of some of our planets largest and oldest marine creatures. So what can you do to help our planet? It’s not just animals, but we are physically destroying our earth and making the future of our offspring uncertain. So in aid of stopping global warming and making our planet flourish again, we have given you some top ways that you can help reduce any toxic emissions and make your home eco-friendly, as well as save a bit of money on the way – so keep reading!

Low Flow Shower-heads And Toilets

Unbelievably a vast 30% of the water in your home comes from flushing toilets! Low flow toilets can save 1.2 litres of water everytime that you flush and are one of the most popular eco-friendly home appliances. Along with this low-flow showers do the same thing, they have a variety of different settings allowing you to choose the best setting for your shower, and use less water than a typical shower-head. An aerating shower-head forms a misty spray in your shower whereas laminar merely pump out water at a less excessive rate.

low setting shower

Have Your Fridge Positioned In The Shade

Although this may not sound like something that you would take into consideration when ordering the furniture in your home, it can actually make a huge difference. Having your fridge positioned in direct sunlight in your kitchen means that it needs to work harder, by working more laborious means that your refrigerator is using more electricity on your bills – so to reduce it’s consumption position it in a shaded, cool area.

Make A Compost Heap

This may not be the most glamorous thing to have present in your home, but you’re helping the environment! Compost heaps are simply your leftovers and any rubbish that can break down and decay. It is used as a highly effective fertiliser, which means that there is no need to use harmful chemical fertilisers that damage wildlife and contaminate their food – it also means that our leftover rubbish is recycled!

compost heap in kitchen

Party In The Winter!

If you’re looking for an excuse to get together with all of your friends this winter, then we have the perfect thing for you. Being in the same room with a large number of people has the potential to create as much heat energy as a 100w heater!

Use this to your advantage and have a huge gettogether this Christmas with your friends and family.

Have An Electrical Inspection

Although this may not seem like it’s eco-friendly this simple electrical service can make a massive difference to your energy bills. Faulty electrical sockets and electrical wiring are not only bad for your home, but they can be a serious danger to you and your family. House fires are commonly started through faulty electrics to it’s crucial that you have yearly inspections to ensure your home’s wiring is in a safe and functional condition.

Faulty wiring can put a massive strain on your electrics, ending up in enormous electricity bills, but this can be prevented with a simple inspection from trusted electrical contractors Milton Keynes you can save money on your energy bills and make your home a safer place.

female electrician inspecting electrics

Unplug Appliances Not Being Used

After doing extensive research, we found that your main household living room television is left on standby for an average 17 hours of the entire day. Most TV’s when turned off with a remote do not switch off entirely, they turn the visuals off, but the electricity is still going through them – especially if you have a sky box and are recording a programme, you cannot completely turn your TV off, or it will not sync the programme.

Wash Your Clothes On 30

This was a huge selling point for a lot of dry cleaning companies as they were helping their customers save money. Washing at 30 can save you a considerable amount of money, although it may not seem like it! Your washing machine uses up to an enormous 80% of its total energy use to simply heat up the water for your washing. So by washing your clothes at 30 degrees means that your washing machine doesn’t have to use energy taking the time to heat up the water, as well as cleaning your clothes.

mum and daughter washing clothes in washing machine

Grow Your Own House Plants

One of the first things you’re taught during school is about the photosynthesis process of plants. Plants taking in co2 is a good thing for us as not only do they take the gas that we don’t use out of the air, but they also release oxygen after this which can help us breathe better! So by having house plants, you ensure that the air in your home is cleaner and purer for you and your family.

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

It’s crucial that you take as many precautions as possible to keep our planet healthy, as the years continue to pass us global warming continues to worsen, if we do not stop what we are doing the future of our future family members is going to be uncertain. If your home is having any emergency issues with it’s electrics then do not hesitate to call emergency electricians Milton Keynes anytime any day of the week! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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