Electricity is all around us, we use it all day every day, and we don’t necessarily even know it. There are a lot of things that you most likely didn’t know about electricity which is what makes it such an interesting element to work with.

Do Electricians Know All Of These Facts About Electricity?

Well, nobody can know everything, some of the facts listed in this article may not be known by every electrician or any of them for that matter. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good electricians it’s just down to what you hear and what you don’t, training to be an electrician takes years of driving hard work before you can do anything.

So, if you want to find out cool facts about electricity that you might not have heard before, then keep reading!

1. Electricity Travels At The Speed Of Light

The speed of light is an incredible speed; light is constant so it must have to travel really fast for us to have light constantly, you see light before sound and light travels faster than sound in the air. Electricity travels at the same speed – a very precise 6,696,000 mph.

2. Lightning Is The Discharge Of Electricity In The Atmosphere

The reason we have lightning is due to massive electricity build ups, which is the dispersed into the air around us. This is the reason that when there are storms, there are sometimes copious amounts of thunder and lighting. And no wonder it is so difficult to catch a glimpse of a lightning bolt, lightning bolts travel up to 130,000 mph and comes in at a scorching 29982.222 Celsius!

lightning striking

3. Eastenders Fans

If you’re a fan of the TV soap Eastenders then you may be familiar to this, once Eastenders ends back up power stations across the UK go into standby to prepare for the huge surge in electricity from everybody making cups of tea!

4. Electric Eels

Electric Eels can produce strong electric shocks equivalent to 500 volts for self-defence and hunting purposes, although they can be more dependant on the age and size of the eel.

electric eel swimming

5. The First Electric Car

The first electric car was actually created in 1891 by an inventor called William Morrison; this included 24 storage battery cells that were mounted to the front seat, he made these batteries himself, and they each produced 112 amperes.

6. Our Muscles Need Electricity

If we didn’t have electricity flowing through us it would be difficult for us to even live, our muscle cells in our body are contracted by electricity flowing through our body.


7. A Town In Australia Was Evacuated

In 2005 a man from Australia caused the evacuation of his town after he produced a staggering 40,000 volts of static electricity from a nylon jumper. This resulted in burnt carpets and the melting of some items in his home, and his town being evacuated.

8. Where The Word Electrocute Comes From

The word electrocute is a combination of electro and execute, this meant that you were killed by electricity, so if you didn’t die you were not electrocuted you were shocked.

electric storm lightning

9. US Aircon Prices

Over the last 20 years, the usage of US air con has risen so much that it now accounts for 20% of our entire electricity use.

10. Flowing Electricity

Electricity is only ever built up in one place, or it flows from one place to another. If it flows from one place to another, then this is called an electrical current.

solar panels generating energy

11. Birds On Power Lines

Have you ever wondered how birds could perch on power lines and not get frazzled to a crisp? They can sit on 1 and be fine, but if their foot or wing touches another electrical line then it creates an electrical circuit, and the bird is then electrocuted.

12. Platypuses

Platypuses have terrible eyesight, so they have to rely on something else to aid them when searching for prey. They use a process called electroception to help them find prey in the water due to their terrible lack of eyesight, sound and smell.

platypus swimming with worm

13. The Power Of Electricity

Unbelievably, one singular spark of static electricity can measure up to an astounding 3000 volts.

14. The Importance Of Coal

Coal is one of the biggest sources of producing electricity; this happens when coal is burned to boil water that produces steam used to blow wind turbines around that then generate energy. You can receive a great deal of energy from these turbines which is why they are widely used across the UK.

coal in hands

15. The Electricity Used On Lightbulbs Is Wasted

If you are using standard household light bulbs, then you should stop immediately, LED bulbs are the future! LED bulbs within your home use 95% of the energy they produce on light, and the tiny 5% left over goes into heat. As opposed to the typical home lightbulb that uses a tiny 10% of the energy produced on light! The other 90% goes on wasted heat energy, if you’re interested in LED lighting then contact one of your local electrical contractors Milton Keynes.

16. Wasted Energy

30% of the energy used in building like office spaces, homes and establishments is used unnecessarily and not efficiently.

17. “Energy” Is Greek

The word “energy” is descendant from the Greek word “energeia” which means operation activity.

18. The Lift Of Energy

Energy can never be created or destroyed, only generated or transformed, this means that the energy on this earth today has always been here.

pylons transferring energy

19. The Power Of Ourselves

If an individual were to shout or scream for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, they would have been successful in producing enough energy to heat up a singular cup of coffee.

20. The UK Wasting Money

Here in the UK just in energy bills alone, we lose up to £9.5 Billion in one year on wasted electricity!


Electricity can be very complex and also dangerous if not managed properly, which is why it’s important that you leave any home or work-related electrical issues for electricians Milton Keynes to deal with.

There are many fun facts and statistics about electricity that are not necessarily known by everyone – even other electricians! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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