Ultimately, we all love to save money, and without even realising it sometimes you are sending your energy bill sky high by leaving appliances on standby plugged in. In fact, it was discovered that by leaving your towel rail on a low setting without even realising can add another £10 onto your monthly electricity bill. So what can you do to reduce electricity bills?

Is It Easy To Reduce Electricity Bills?

Strangely enough, it is simple to reduce your energy bills, and you could end up saving between £500-£550 just in one year if you take the correct steps!

And luckily you we are going to provide you with some of those tips that you can use to help you save money and not spend extortionate amounts on unnecessary electrical fees.

1. Insulate Your Home Properly

It all starts with this simple tip; it is so important that you insulate your home correctly or you are quite literally throwing your money down the toilet. Just with loft insulation, you could save up to £175 in one year just by having it installed, and wall cavity insulation could save you another £135 which is £310 in one year already just by doing one thing.

Although insulation doesn’t sound like it does a lot, over the course of a year, it could save you a lot of money, so it is worth doing. This doesn’t just involve things like loft and wall cavities but also take into consideration aspects of your home like doors and windows, are they double glazed and are your doors windproof? If not then these are affordable procedures that are worth the investment as over the course of time they will save you money.

2. Switch To LED’s

It isn’t just about saving money, but also what’s best for the environment. LED take the crown over your typical lightbulbs as they are environmentally friendly and if used widely throughout your property can save you huge amounts of money!

LED bulbs use 90% energy as opposed to the typical household lightbulb – when you convert that into money over a period of time you are going to discover major savings. Begin by switching them in the most used rooms in your home and then as time goes on swap the rest of your bulbs as they age and burnout. If you don’t already have LED lighting, then you should contact our electricians Milton Keynes for information on fittings both inside the home and outside.

 led held in hands over grass

3. Line Dry Your Laundry

It can be difficult to always do this if you live in a location like England where showers, cloudy days and high-speed winds are a regular occurrence. However, on the occasional sunny days we do receive then it might be a good idea to line dry your clothes and save the money you would be spending by using your drying machine.

If you manage to air dry your clothes a few times a month, then you will save money – even if it isn’t a lot. You can also purchase helpful household items like clothes horses to help air out and dry your clothes.

5. The Off-Peak Rate

Although you may seem crazy waking up at weird times to do your washing, there are certain times within the off-peak rates that you can use to save money. There is a short window from 1:30 pm to 4 pm in which the off-peak rates reply, and then again from 11 pm until 7 am.

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6. Install Dimmer Switches

Light dimmer switches are not only more cost-effective, but they’re also helpful for evenings when you want some light but not too much, or when you’re watching a scary film, and you’re too scared to sit in complete darkness.

Have electrical contractors Milton Keynes come and inspect your house and give you a quote for dimmer switches in your home – you may only want them in rooms you use the most and then keep normal switches in the remaining rooms.

7. Wash Your Clothes On A Cold Wash

Washing your clothes in hot water doesn’t only cause you unnecessary costs, but it also is not good for the environment. Out of all the emissions produced by one load of washing around 75% of it comes from simply heating the water up.

In doing this you are likely to save around £50 per year, it doesn’t sound like a huge saving, but when combined with all of these other tips and over the course of time it is a big deal.

putting washing in the washing machine

8. Blankets Upon Blankets

This is such a simple way to save yourself money especially in the winter, isn’t it so much more enjoyable sitting under a comfy blanket than blaring the heating? So why waste your money blazing your home with heating when you can easily curl up under a blanket on the sofa, and when you go to sleep, sleep with more than one blanket for extra warmth!

9. Replace Your Boiler And Electrics

Nothing can waste your money more than an outdated boiler or home electrics, if your electrics and boiler are having to work harder to power all of your appliances, heating and lighting, then it’s going to be eating at your bank account.

To avoid this, you should have regular electrical inspections and boiler tests to ensure that your home isn’t being put under too much pressure to keep power going to everything.

 turning boiler up

10. Fill Up Your Fridge And Freezer

Although this is a slightly weird one it does work and can once again save you from paying extra money on your energy bill.

By stocking up your fridge and freezer, the food is working as a form of insulation, and your fridge or freezer doesn’t need as much energy to power it to keep the food cold – strange but it works.

Not only this but you are not then paying energy bills for your fridge and freezer to keep your minimal amounts of food intact.


So now that you know the ways you can keep your energy bill to a minimum, then you have money for other things for yourself and your family.

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