Due to the arising laws based on the environment and the car emissions that that damage our planet so much, the government are making a stand and beginning to start the process of fizzling out petrol and diesel cars completely. They want to bring in electric powered cars included with electric car charging and abolish any non-electrical vehicles completely by 2040.

What Is Electric Car Charging?

Electric cars were designed to improve our economy, especially in places such as London where there is congestion zones and traffic is always at a high point.

By sitting in a traffic jam in an electric car, you could save up to 60% percent more fuel than you would when in your average petrol or fuel based car. So electrical car charging points were designed to allow vehicle owners to charge their cars not only when they are out doing things but also from the comfort of their own home.

An electrical car charger can be swiftly installed by on of our electricians Milton Keynes and can end up being very beneficial to you in the future – but why? How can an electrical car charger benefit you? And not only you but also the environment, keep reading to find out!

The Types Of Electrical Car Chargers


Usually used for home owners as you can charge your car over night with speed taking between 6 – 8 hours for a full charge.


Doubling in power from the slow charge a fast charger can fully charge your car in 3 – 4 hours.

Rapid AC

Used mainly in places when travelling for quick boosts, so you never run out, and can charge your car up to 80% in just 1 hour!

Rapid DC

The ultimate car charger that can give you an 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

So there are lots of electric vehicles and electrical speed chargers to choose from, but the questions everyone is asking is what are the benefits of having these charging ports fitted at your home?

#1 Cost

The biggest benefit of them all, not only are we saving the planet but at the same time, we are all saving money! Although electrical car chargers can be slightly pricey, you will quickly begin to save money, and you will be glad that you invested.

An average electric car can run on 40 – 200 miles between each charge, so every journey you make that completely wears out your car you are saving up to 200 miles worth of petrol money that you would usually spend unless you have a car like a Tesla which is built to last

For homes, people often choose to install the slow charging ports as it allows them to steadily charge their vehicles over night and then they can wake up to a fully charged car.

Save money with slow charging electrical chargers, they can slowly charge your car overnight, and by this, you are avoiding paying the fees of on peak electricity. Electricity is more expensive in the day time as it’s when people are more active and doing things as opposed to 3 o’clock in the morning when the majority of people are asleep.

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#2 Guaranteed Charge

Luckily for electric car users, it has been made practically impossible for them to ever run out of power for their car, not only have electrical charging points been geographically placed at certain distances so that there will always be a charging point around for when you’re running low. But also having one at your own house gives you the total security that you will never run out.

A lot of people cannot shake off the anxiety of running out of electricity or fuel – especially when it comes to electric cars. By having your own charging point at home, you can return home for a quick boost or a complete charge up whenever you need it without having to worry about finding the nearest charging point.

#3 Government Grants

If you do not have the money to purchase an electric car or an electric car home charging point, but you still need to drive, then luckily since editing the laws the government are offering government grants. These were put in place to help members of the public be able to install an electric charging point and afford an electric car without ending up in loads of financial issues.

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#4 Quick Installation

You would not believe how quickly certified electricians Milton Keynes can install home electric car charging points. The installation is relatively simple and can typically be carried out and completed in one job – meaning there is no distraction or complications added to your everyday lifestyle.

#5 Faster Charging

Due to the fact that there are 4 different charger options, you are able to make the decision of which one would you like in your home, would you like a slow charger to use overnight or a rapid DC to have you back to the full battery within minutes? Despite slow chargers time frame being overnight, they are more cost-effective than the rapid or fast chargers that cost a significant amount more as they charge a lot faster.

Although if you are constantly travelling or have an occupation that requires a lot of driving, then you are probably best off with one of the raid chargers just in case you need to go out in an emergency and need a quick boost of energy.

All in all, all of the chargers are effective within the home, but it is just discovering which one is best suited to you.

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So there are a variety of benefits of electric vehicle charging from home, especially considering electric cars are going to be used by every single person in the UK by 2040.

If you have an electric car or are looking into buying one then, and electric vehicle charging port at home could be very beneficial to you. Luckily Heath Electrical are now offering this service to all of our customers and one of our electricians Milton Keynes will come and fit an electrical vehicle charger on the arranged date that is suited to you.

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