Electrical pat testing or (portable appliance testing) can be carried out by any certified electricians. In public buildings, there are also machines that can pat test devices in case you would like to plug anything in. Under the Electricity at Work regulations (1989), it states that any electrical appliance that has the potential to harm somebody is maintained in a safe condition. However, it does not indicate that these tests should be regularly carried out or make them a legal obligation. Saying this, if any harm should come to someone else or yourself inside of your home from any of your electrical appliances, you could be liable. It’s very apparent that electrical testing in Milton Keynes alongside electrical inspection is highly important when ensuring the safety of everyone in your home, but what makes this process so important? How can I book a pat test? These are all questions that should be taken very seriously, and if you want the answers – then keep reading!

What Is Electrical Pat Testing?

The Electrical Installation Report (before known as the period installation report) is a legal requirement of The Electricity at Work Regulations 1974, meaning that pat testing is a non-negotiable requirement for businesses. All commercial establishments and businesses must have all their appliances pat tested followed by a carefully carried out electrical inspection.

A majority of devices can be spotted as faulty just from visual, but there is also a lot of equipment that can be faulty and must be specially tested to ensure that it is in safe working order. So why is electrical pat testing so important?

Reduce Fire Or Electrical Harm Risks

burning plug socket

Fire spreads instantly, all it takes is a tiny spark from an office appliance, and the whole building could end up in flames.

Improve your businesses fire safety by booking in for electrical testing or regularly have your building inspected. You may have been pat tested when your business started, but things get old and electrical appliances do not last forever if something looks old or dangerous then throw it away or get it checked out as soon as possible.

It has been found that up to 25% of all reported electrical accidents are from portable appliances either in the home or the workplace, electrical injuries can leave long-term damage to your skin causing burns and scars. And if the voltage is high enough then it can be fatal, so make sure you are regularly serviced as you could save a life.

Electrical pat testing is tremendously important in establishments such as nurseries, day care and schools. Due to the advancement in technology, a lot of things that are in these buildings are now electronic; there are things such as whiteboards and televisions and iPad chargers which can all be a threat if not ensure they are in the correct working order. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy, then book your electrical inspection in Milton Keynes today.

Pat Testing Helps Protect Your Insurance

The vast majority of insurance companies will expect you to follow the guidelines of health and safety strictly. If you do not regularly inspect or pat test your appliances within your business or home to prove that they are safe to use, then your insurance company could void your policy.

With any claims made by employees or customers, after injuring themselves with a faulty appliance, if you are able to produce a certificate that proves you regularly provide pat testing to your appliances, then insurance companies may decline the claim. This could not only save your business but could also save you a significant amount of time and money, particularly since most insurance companies expect you to regularly pat test your appliances.

Protect Yourself And Your Belongings

firefighters extinguishing fire

Although this is probably another legal fact, your top priority when it comes to faulty appliances is to protect you and your family. If you rent your home, it is a mandatory legal requirement that your landlord/lady provides you with regular pat testing and electrical inspections to ensure that your home is safe and habitable.

They are also legally required to make sure safety precautions such as fire alarms are fitted and in working order within your home. If your landlord/lady is not supplying you with these mandatory safety measures, then they are breaking the law, and if something were to happen, you could claim against them.

In certain circumstances, for example, let’s say your house burnt down from a faulty appliance in your home, this would be your landlord/lady’s fault, and they would be held accountable for any damage done to yourself, your home, or your belongings. They may have to pay for any damaged/destroyed belongings and fix the home for you (and now include all of the mandatory safety precautions), these electrical testing methods are relatively cheap, and they can help you protect you and your family if something were to happen.

What About Electrical Inspections?

These are also a necessity within your business and should be carried out in your residence too. When moving into a new home electrical inspections can save you a lot of money, before you move into a new home make sure it has been inspected as when the time comes to moving in the home wiring or electrics could be faulty, and you are then going to have to rewire the entire house.

Electrical Inspecting involves the same idea as pat testing except this process involves testing your buildings electrics and wiring to ensure it is safe, as opposed to making sure none of your appliances are dangerous.

If there are problems in the wiring in your business or home, you could be at a high risk of a fire or someone harming themselves. Electrical inspections carried out by electricians Milton Keynes ensure that your house wiring is in working order, there is no damage, and that it is all up to date, you won’t regret using this service as you could be saving somebody’s life.


So it’s clear that these services should be a regular occurrence in your home if not already, if left too long or neglected something as small as a failed appliance could destroy your business or make your home vulnerable to some serious damage. A lot of people do not think that these services are necessary, but it is highly recommended to be carried out to ensure safety to the public and security to people in their homes.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that you will now keep your home and businesses safe!

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