Children exploring and doing things that they shouldn’t is inevitable, you leave them on their own for 2 minutes, and they’ve got themselves into all kinds of trouble. It’s always a good idea to childproof electrical outlets within your home to ensure that you minimise the risk of your child hurting themselves.

Is It Expensive To Childproof Electrical Outlets?

No, it isn’t expensive at all. Of course, there is a small price to pay as nothing is free but it is relatively cheap to thoroughly childproof your home for your children. It’s a relatively small price to pay for the safety of your kids, especially now that your home is echoing with the pitter patter of tiny feet charging around your house while you’re trying to enjoy a coffee catch up with your friend. It’s a task that needs to be carried out and has been a long time coming, so how can you childproof all of your electrical appliances? What can you do to make sure your child is in the safest environment possible? If you want to know – then keep reading!

Socket Protectors

All English plug sockets by law have to be protected from the ability of an object to be entered inside of them. Children have a way of attempting to play with or do things that are highly dangerous, like putting their fingers in a plug socket. Socket Protectors are available at almost any DIY outlet for incredibly low prices and are designed to deter children from playing with plug sockets; you do not necessarily have to invest in them as british plugs are built to be childproof however for extra security a lot of people recommend them.

child trying to put hands in childproof socket

Checking Leads And Wires For Electrical Damage

This is an obvious precautionary task to do, but it often slips a lot of parents minds. When children are young and crawling around your home, they have easy access to any electrical wiring that could be on the floor or loose from any of your appliances. When chewed through these wires become highly dangerous, they can cause damage to your appliance and in worst case scenario could cause potential electrocution to your child.

To avoid any of these events, you should regularly inspect all the devices and cables and wires you may have in your home and discard any of the ones that look old or damaged.

Home Cables In Places Out Of Reach

You can check all the appliances in your home, and they may be all working fine, but some cables are a danger to children regardless of their working condition. Technology such as computers have plugs located on the back of them that can be removed by simply pulling them out, and if a child was to put this in their mouth, there is the potential of electrocution. Another option is to put any cables or wires that you regularly use in a place that your children would not be able to reach.

One option is to rearrange your room and see if you can make any wires out of the scope to your child, if you cannot you should consider placing any dangerous cables behind heavy furniture that ensures your child cannot access them. Or you can invest in a new desk that’s hard to access from the back and so that you can place all the wires closer to the wall.

 hairdryer out of reach

Turn Off Electrical Appliances At The Wall When Out Of Use

Not only will this make your home environment safer for your child, but it, in the long run, can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. You should turn off all kitchen appliances when not being used and make sure they’re out of reach as children are known to be amazing climbers and can pull whole appliances down if they get hold of a wire.

Make sure you unplug all electrical appliances such as hair straighteners or shavers and keep them well away from water.

Make Certain Rooms Unaccessible

Keep rooms that you wouldn’t necessarily want your child to play in out of bounds. Rooms such as offices, garages and utility rooms seem harmless but can actually be a dangerous environment for your child if not protected correctly. And a locked door isn’t always enough to keep a child out if they’re interested whats inside, you cannot keep your eyes everywhere all at once and to ensure your child is safe you should carry out these safety precautions to make your life easier and relaxed.

key in locked door

Child Proof Your Extensions Leads

Extensions leads are usually on the floor and contain a different variety of colourful cords and plugs that your child could see as a really fun play toy, you should cover these up as not only are they easy to access but plugs are usually relatively straightforward to remove from extensions leads. Consider investing in a device such as a childproof power strip cover, these devices are like a cage for your extensions lead, and they are child locked so that your baby cannot access them. They are also available to be wall mounted to keep out of reach from your child, and you have the ability to adjust their size.

Extensions leads were designed to be portable when carrying out tasks such as hoovering to make the job easier, but they have become a regular appliance in people’s homes and being used due to the fact there aren’t enough plug sockets around the home. If this is the case in your home, one of our certified electricians in Milton Keynes can fit your home with more electrical outlets around your home that are safer, and easier to babyproof than extensions leads.


So there you have the easiest and most efficient ways to babyproof your home from your little ones. Electricity is dangerous to adults as well, and you should never attempt to fix or replace any electrical outlets if you have no experience, one of our electricians in Milton Keynes will be more than happy to assist you. We hope this article was helpful and that you are successful is child proofing your home!

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