CCTV is used widely in businesses, public transport, shops and restaurants. It’s present everywhere for the safety of our society and so that if something does happen it’s all recorded on CCTV and the police can identify suspects, victims and the scenario.

Why Is CCTV Used?

CCTV is vital to protect our society from robberies, injury and fights. A lot of companies have stickers and signs displayed in their store that they have CCTV to scare potential thieves from causing any trouble and in hopes that it will put them off from attempting anything. So is installing CCTV in your home worth it? What are the benefits of having CCTV at home? In this article, we are going to list a few things that accentuate the actual benefits of CCTV and the purpose it serves.

Knowing Exactly Whats Going On

You have to feel safe in your own home, your house is somewhere you look forward to going after a long stressful day at work, and you should never feel threatened or vulnerable in your own home. With CCTV you can be totally aware of what is going on outside your property at all times by remote monitoring the outside of your house.

Better yet with CCTV if you think something isn’t quite right or something is going on outside, you are able to check your CCTV from the comfort of your own home without having to approach the danger head on by looking outside. With CCTV you can assess the threat and make your next decision to either call the police or alert someone else without even alerting the intruder.

Most CCTV cameras can easily be fitted by one of our electricians in Milton Keynes and also have the ability to be connected to your phone, tablet or laptop so that whenever you’re on the go, you can still check up on your property and keep your mind at rest.

security camera

Improve Your Neighbourhood

CCTV cameras can provide the missing puzzle piece to a crime investigation, the images from your CCTV camera could be what police need to identify a robber making his way through houses within your neighbourhood. A lot of area robberies have been solved through other neighbours catching the thief on their home CCTV camera.

The footage can then be supplied to the police and used as evidence in court, so having CCTV at home could actually improve your neighbourhood crime rate and also help you put someone who’s causing you and your neighbour’s issues behind bars.

Helps Prevent Crimes

Although this point seems somewhat silly it works, a lot of businesses display stickers and banners stating that they have CCTV camera present in their store. Quoting things such as “Smile You’re On Camera” these sort of slogans are used to discourage potential troublemakers from doing anything that they shouldn’t be. And most of the time it works! A lot of people still do get in trouble as they decide to call the stores bluff and attempt to do something illegal, but they’re soon shut down and caught by the police and shop owner.

Within and outside your home CCTV has the same effect, a lot of stores security cameras don’t work or they won’t check the CCTV because it costs them more money to have it reviewed. But by just displaying cameras that don’t even work in the store they scare off potential mischief makers.

The same applies to your house and if a robber or intruder is seen outside your house and he notices your home is fitted with CCTV or home security it is highly unlikely they are going to target your home or even attempt to break into your home, they’re most likely to move on to somewhere else.

robber approaching house

Peace Of Mind

This is one of the most important factors in this article, your peace of mind is the thing that needs to be fulfilled. With CCTV fitted by our certified electricians in Milton Keynes, you are able to have an increased sense of security over your home and possessions. CCTV is an easy way to keep watch over your children, home, belongings and pets. CCTV is a cheap cost effective way to keep watch over your home and give yourself the peace of mind you need to live comfortably in your home.

CCTV saves lives as it catches things that are happening right as they happen and mean that help and assistance can be contacted as soon as possible and arrive at the scene. Missing people, criminals are tracked down, and houses are protected to the best they possibly can be. Businesses are protected from memory loss and damage by these life-saving CCTV cameras.

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are the latest form of technology in the CCTV camera world and have rapidly gained popularity within businesses and the public, these outstanding state of the art camera only begin to record when they sense movement.

These IP cameras are typically labelled the “silent savers” as when they start to record and move they cannot be heard or detected. This is what makes them so popular; they can be disguised as clocks, books and even media players, anything these state of the art cameras sense or capture they will send you an automated SMS alert or email to notify you, even when you aren’t at home.

IP camera in bedroom


So there you have it the best uses and advantages for CCTV in your home, here at Heath Electrical Services Milton Keynes one of our electricians in Milton Keynes will be able to fit the CCTV camera of your choice for you at the lowest most reasonable price.

A lot of tasks carried out by our electrical contractors in Milton Keynes are same day tasks so that you could have your new home CCTV equipment fitted and working all within the same day! Keep your home safe and secure with our CCTV fitting electrician services in Milton Keynes. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful why not share?

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